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LTSR No. 1 Class 4-4-2T
Introduced in 1880 the L,T&SR No 1 class 4-4-2T were the first locomotives actually owned by the London Tilbury & Southend Railway, and the first 4-4-2T locomotives on a British railway. They were supplied by two contractors, Sharp Stewart and Nasmyth Wilson. The class, numbered 1 to 36, spent its entire life on the LT&SR system. The LT&SR was absorbed by the Midland Railway in 1912, which itself became part of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway in 1923. The last example was withdrawn in October 1935.Etched in brass and nickel-silver, the kit can be built to OO, EM or P4 gauge, to represent the locomotives in any condition from original LT&SR to late LMSR. It covers both the Sharp Stewart and Nasmyth Wilson builds, with flush or snap head riveted tanks and bunker, short or extended smokeboxes, and the variety of chimneys, domes, smokebox doors and other fittings carried at various times.

Designed by Allan Sibley, the kit is accompanied by comprehensive instructions which include prototype notes giving details of variations in external appearance, liveries, and references for further reading.

The majority of fittings are lost wax brass castings and turned, sprung buffers are included. Wheels, motor and gears are required to complete the model.



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