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LBSCR/SR 4-4-0 B4
Thirty three B4s were built between December 1899 and September 1902, of which thirty-one passed to the Southern Railway at the Grouping, the other two having been rebuilt to class B4X. At Nationalisation seven B4s passed into BR ownership, although none received BR livery or numbers.The B4 4-4-0 was RJ Billinton’s last passenger tender locomotive and had many similarities in design with his earlier ones although were much improved in the size and power departments! Some of the class were built at Brighton, with others that became known as Scotchmen being built by Sharp, Stewart & Co. in Glasgow. The whole class was also known unofficially as “Sirdar” after the second engine to be built.Being the largest and most powerful express locomotives to be seen on the LB&SCR they were immediately
put to work between Brighton and London Bridge. The kit can be built as an original B4 with either three-ring or two-ring boiler, and short or extended smokebox. Designed by Allan Sibley, the frames for both the locomotive and tender are etched nickel silver, while the body is etched brass. The majority of fittings are lost wax cast brass. The comprehensive instruction booklet provides comprehensive details of the various alterations the prototypes received.


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