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Metropolitan Railway Carriages.

Chesham Branch shuttle set
Between 1898 and 1900 54 “Ashbury” coaches were built for the MET as steam hauled stock. From 1906 to 1924 all these were converted to electric working. In 1941 six of these coaches were converted back to steam haulage, made up into two three-coach “push pull” sets, for use on the Chalfont to Chesham branch. Finally in 1960, upon withdrawal, five of the six coaches were sold into preservation.

These are excellently detailed kits with the body, ends, floors, underframes and bogies etched in brass. The roof is pre-formed in plasticard with detail parts in whitemetal. The kits are intended to represent the coaches in post 1941 condition but can be adapted to represent the electric powered versions, although this is not covered in the instructions.

These kits are sold only as a complete set, providing one of each prototype, to represent the push pull formations described above. As the castings for these are unique within our range, we are able to supply these kits to special order only.

Third Driver Available only as a set £160.00
First/Third Composite
Third Ex. Motor Brake

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