London Road Models

North London Railway Carriages.

Four wheel carriages
These coaches were built by the NLR in batches between 1880 and 1891, most lasting to become LNWR and eventually LMS property, with many still working into the mid 1930’s. A substantial number of all types were sold out of service to companies as diverse as the M&GN, NSR, GNoSR, GW, Cambrian, LBSCR, L&Y, NBR, MSLR, MC, LTSR, Isle of Wight, IoW Central, KESR, Etc.

The Second/Third Class coaches were both 28′ 0″ long with five compartments. The First class had four compartments with partitions between compartments, while the Thirds were open plan. The Birdcage brakes were 18′ 8″ and provided a guards compartment and luggage facilities only. They were always marshalled at the ends of the fixed rakes.The kits include, etched sides, ends floors and underframes. Designed with compensation built in, the underframes incorporate a highly detailed representation of the clasp brake system used on these coaches.

Also included is a pre-formed plastic roof; sprung buffers; and whitemetal detail parts, together with 20 pages of instructions and historical notes. In the case of the brake, an etched brass roof is also provided for the birdcage, which has a different profile.

28′ 4 Compartment All 1st £39.00 each
28′ 5 Compartment All 3rd or all 2nd £39.00 each
22’6″ Birdcage Brake £39.00 each


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