London Road Models

Taff Vale Railway Carriages.

Bogie Composite, Bogie Third, 6 wheel brake.
Designed by the Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage and Wagon Company, these carriages were built between 1896 and 1899. They were initially used in fixed formation trains on the TVR’s main lines, Cardiff – Treherbert and Cardiff – Merthyr. The TVR tended to cascade stock down as newer was built so as time progressed the coaches would have been moved on to lesser duties.
All the vehicles were taken into GWR stock in 1923, but the 6 wheel brakes were soon scrapped and all bar one had gone by the end of 1928. The bogie coaches were longer lasting with only one composite and four thirds being scrapped before 1940.The kits are offered as a set of parts, with etched brass sides, end and underframe with whitemetal castings for the vacuum cylinders, axleboxes, springs and roof ventilators. A set of sprung buffers is included. Fox 8ft wheelbase bogies or a compensated 6-wheel underframe for the Brake are also included. There are some diagrams, information and references, but not full instructions. The drawings and these notes are reproduced courtesy the Welsh Railways Research Circle.
Bogie composite £49.50
Bogie Third Class £49.50
6 wheel Full Brake £47.00
TVR/GWR covered carriage truck (Python)
Built in 1904 for the TVR, the last of these CCTs survived to 1952. As built, these vehicles had full-length stepboards, hinged down vac pipes, waistline handrails extending from the centre doors to the ends, together with lamp brackets at the top window height at the bodyside ends. The end doors were secured with a central rotating clasp and the buffer stocks had drop door supports fitted. In later years, all of these details were modified or removed.The kit consists of an etched brass body and chassis with whitemetal detailing parts.
A pre-formed brass roof is supplied. The chassis has rocking W-Iron suspension.


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