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London Road Models GNR K2/2 running on Little Bytham. Built by Tony Wright. Photograph courtesy Tony Wright

London Road Models has been designing and manufacturing 4mm etched kits since 1988, when John Redrup produced some etched L&NWR 50′ non corridor carriage kits for the London Road exhibition layout, to provide some much needed stock. Since then, LRM has grown to provide one of the largest ranges of etched kits available to the 4mm modeller. The emphasis is on the pre-grouping period up to 1923, although the prototypes for many of the models in the range lasted into the post-grouping era of the 1930’s, with a significant number surviving into BR ownership.

Like many other well known model railway specialist suppliers, we are a part time business. Some of the recently introduced kits have been designed by other modellers who have an interest in the particular prototypes and experience of designing etched kits, but the production, packing and despatch of customer orders for this wide range of kits is handled entirely by John Redrup.

A number of other makes of 4mm kits have been absorbed into the London Road Models range. These include:-

  • George Norton’s “Connoisseurs Choice” range of locos and carriages.
  • Iain Rice’s Riceworks GER and NBR locomotives.
  • Planit Engineering NSR tank locos.
  • D&S LNWR NPCS vans, LNWR, NLR, L&Y and MR brake vans.
  • Bob Williams’ ‘Aylesbury’ LNWR Samson 2-4-0 and trolley wagon kits.
  • Steve Barnfield’s etched NER/LNER loco kits.
  • Derek Munday’s 4mm scale horsebox & van kits.
  • Nick Easton’s LNWR Boiler and platform trolley wagon kits

L.N.E.R. D17 photo by Francis Neale, kits built by Tony Cropper

The design “philosophy” of the kits in the LRM range therefore varies according to the original designer’s objectives and preferences. Some kits use overlays, others are etched entirely in nickel silver, while the recently designed kits are more sophisticated. However, LRM have upgraded/updated older kits and instructions where appropriate and have ensured that these models continue to be available to the modeller.

Our kits are designed specifically for 4mm. Etched components are in nickel silver for loco and tender chassis. Superstructures are in brass or n/s, as appropriate. Etched boilers are supplied ready rolled, while some kits have machined to length brass tube or cast resin boilers. Resin castings are used in several kits for large components that would be difficult to assemble from etched parts. Boiler fittings and smaller castings are usually in lost wax brass. White metal castings are also used where appropriate.

Locomotive kits include all the parts required to build the model, with the exception of wheels, motor and gears, to give the option of building to 00, EM or P4 gauges. Couplings and pickups are also excluded, to enable the builder to select the system specific to his requirements. Similarly, carriage, van and wagon kits do not include wheels or couplings. Tender locomotive kits include the tender. Where a choice of tenders is available, the most common prototype version is normally provided, unless one of the alternatives is specified at time of order. Loco kits also include sprung buffers, although as some locos carried as many as four different types during their lives, you will need to specify which if you require a certain type. Information about the specific parts needed to complete the model are specified in the kit instructions.

Appropriate wheels from the Alan Gibson Wheels (00, EM and P4) or Markits (00 and EM) ranges are listed in the kit instructions.

Please note that we cannot supply components from other manufacturers that are not shown on our pricelist. This includes wheels, axles, couplings, paint, etc. In addition we cannot enter into correspondence about the compatibility of other manufacturers products, beyond those specific items mentioned in kit instructions.


It is our policy to process all orders as quickly as is practical, usually the day following receipt of the order. However with such a large and diverse range it is possible for us to be out of stock of an item. Where a kit is out of stock and we are awaiting delivery of etches or brass castings it usually takes up to six weeks, but at present can take considerably longer before we can complete an order. We are dependent of a number of component suppliers, so if there is going to be a delay we will acknowledge the order and endeavour to advise the probable length of delay. Cheques are not banked or credit cards charged until goods are despatched.


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