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L.M.S./B.R. Class 3F 0-6-0T (Jinty)
This tank locomotive design was based directly on the Johnson M.R. 0-6-0T design of 1899, as rebuilt by Fowler with a Belpaire boiler and improved cab. The LMS version was built in large numbers with the first appearing in 1924. Six were built for the S&DJR as numbers l9 – 25 and taken into LMS stock in 1930. This class could be found all over the LMS/BR LM region and was very long lived, the last being withdrawn in 1967.The kit includes a number of alternatives on the etch including cab rain strips, coal rails, alternative sandbox filler positions and a selection of LMS/BR smokebox numbers. The one-piece firebox, boiler, and smokebox is cast in resin.Note to P4 and finescale modellers; the cost of this kit is less than the combined cost of modifying a Bachmann RTR Jinty with a new chassis and detailing kit.
L.M.S./ B.R. Class 2P 0-4-4T
These 0-4-4 tanks, built at Derby in 1932/33, were the first produced by William Stanier. They were however effectively an update of an earlier Midland design, but incorporated longer stroke cylinders and a longer firebox. Despite this somewhat dubious ancestry, they were successful and long lived locomotives, the last example being cut up in 1962, having suffered the ignominy of being allocated to the Western region at Bath and Gloucester. They carried the power classification 2P and when built were painted black with vermilion lining. By the end of WW2 most, possibly all, were plain black. In BR hands they were lined black although some again reverted to an unlined black livery.The kit includes twin compensation beams and a sprung, equalised bogie as well as a cast resin boiler unit.

LMS Chassis Kits
2F/3F 0-6-0 £32.00
3F 0-6-0T (Jinty) £32.00


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